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Queensland was separated from New South Wales, forming a self-governing colony, when Queen Victoria signed Letters Patent on 6 June 1859. Queensland achieved statehood with the Federation of Australia on 1 January 1901.

The state was named in honour of Queen Victoria.



By warrant of 29 November 1876 Queensland was granted a badge to be used on the blue ensign. It is a light-blue Maltese cross  charged with the Imperial State Crown, on a white disc.

It is officially described as “On a Roundel Argent a Maltese Cross Azure surmounted with a Royal Crown”. It was designed by William Hemmant, the then Queensland Colonial Secretary and Treasurer.

After the accession of queen Elizabeth II in 1952 the Imperial State crown was replaced by the crown of St Edward. 



Badge: Argent, a maltese cross Azure, charged with the Imperial State Crown

 adopted 29th of November 1876


On 29 of April 1893 Queensland was granted a coat of arms by Queen Victoria. It symbolizes the wealth of products of cattle-breeding and agriculture and minerals of the country. They are represented by an ox-head and a sheeps’-head in the first, a sheaf of wheat in the second and a pile of quartz, a golden pyramid and a pick and hammer in saltire in the third. As a crest the Maltese cross from the badge on a hill and between two palm-trees. The motto AUDAX AND FIDELIS  means: Bold but Faitful

The 1893 official description of the arms reads:


Arms: Per fesse the Chief Or, the Base per pale Sable and Gules, in Chief a Bull’s head caboshed in profile muzzled and a Merino Ram’s head respecting each other proper, the dexter Base charged with a Garb of the first and in the sinister Base on a Mount a Pile of Quartz, issuant therefrom a Gold Pyramid, in front of the Mount a Spade surmounted by a Pick saltire-wise, all proper. And for the Crest, On a Wreath of the Colours a Mount, thereon a Maltese Cross Azure surmounted with the Imperial Crown between Two Sugar Canes proper, together with this Motto: “Audax at Fidelis” (Bold but Faithful).

By R.W. 29th of April 1893,.


In 1977 the arms were embellished by the addition of a helmet guardant, lambrequined Or and Vert,  and for supporters a deer and an Australian Crane (Grus australasianus - Gruiformes). 


Æ See illustration in the head of this essay


Besides the badge and achievement Queensland Parliament has an emblem for itself:



This shows the badge surrounded by a purple strap inscribed QUEENSLAND PARLIAMENT


The logo of the Government of Queensland, introduced April 2000, shows a blue oval with a red crescent inscribed and four yellow sun-rays per bend, together with the inscription “Queensland Government”:





Queensland Police was founded 1 January 1864. The Force itself was divided into Metropolitan Police, Rural Police, Water Police and Native Police. The first Commissioner of Police was D.T. Seymour who commanded the Service for 30 years.


The first badge from about 1884 showed the number of the division within a strap crowned with the Victorian crown.


A new badge was designed in 1907 by Police Commisioner W.G. Cahill and the Deputy Government Architect. It was changed in 1960, in 1978 and in 1990








The motto CONSTANTIA AC COMITATE was adopted in 1980. About 1985 this was changed (and translated) into  FIRMNESS WITH COURTESY  and in 1990 into WITH HONOUR WE SERVE. These mottoes were added to the curent emblem on the shoulder patch.


More: http://www.ozbadge.com/queensland.html


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