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Meghalaya was created as an autonomous state within the state of Assam on 2 April, 1970. The full-fledged State of Meghalaya came into existence on 21 January, 1972. It is bound on the north and east by Assam, and on the south and west by Bangladesh. Meghalaya, literally meaning the abode of clouds, is essentially a hilly state. It is predominantly inhabited by the Khasis, the Jaintias, and the Garo tribal communities. The Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills form the central and eastern part of Meghalaya.


The state seal of Megalaya shows the Asoka capital with motto surrounded by the legend GOVERNMENT OF MEGALAYA SHILLONG . on an olive-green background.



Megalaya Police




The arms of the Megalaya Police is:

Arms: Azure three different swords in saltire Or, and a chief Gules parted per pale, in the first the letters MLP within a garland Or, in the second a hornbill Or.

Title: MEGHALAYA POLICE on a ribbon Gules



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