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Distrito Federal



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The plan of a federal capital was originally conceived in 1827 by José Bonifácio, an advisor to Emperor Dom Pedro I. He presented a plan to the General Assembly for a new city called Brasilia, with the idea of moving the capital westward from the heavily populated southeastern corridor. The bill was not enacted because Emperor Dom Pedro I dissolved the Assembly.

The location of the new capital was defined in 1922 and the plan was resolved by President Joscelino Kubitschek (1955-’61). The city was planned and developed in 1956 with Lúcio Costa as the principal urban planner and Oscar Niemeyer as the principal architect. Brasília was built in 41 months, from 1956 to April 21, 1960, when it was officially inaugurated. On April 22 of 1960, it formally became Brazil's national capital.


The emblem of the Brazilian Federal District was adopted by Decree n° 11 of 12 September 1960

. It is:


Arms: Vert, a cross of four arrows pointing outwards, Or, charged in the centre with a diamond of the field.

Crest: The skyline of te city of Brasilia Or.

Suppporter: A part of the façade of the presidential palace  in Brasilia, quarterly Or and Vert, charged with a shield Argent.

Motto: VENTVRIS VENTIS (To the Coming Winds).


Palace of the Dawn (Palacio de Alvorada), the official presidential residence.

By Oscar Niemeyer, 1959.


Armed Forces







The Federal District is a part of the 11th Military Region together with the states of Goias and Tocantins (with the exception of its parts belonging to the 8th M.R.) and the territory of the Mining Triangle.

Its headquarters are in Brasilia.





The arms of the Civil Police shows a sword per pale, point downwards, charged with a balance and the emblem of the Federal District, surrounded by a garland of green foliage and the name POLICIA CIVIL /  DISTRITO FEDERAL in white lettering on red ribbons.

In base the motto OMNIS POTESTAS A LEGE (All Power Comes from the Law) also on a red ribbon.



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