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History and Heraldry


In 1943 part of the territories of the states of Amazonas and Mato Grosso were dismembered for military reasons, giving origin to the Territory of Guaporé, so called after the community of Guaporé, founded on 21 July 1933. The Territory was directly ruled by the Brazilian Government.

In 1956, the name of Guaporé Territory was changed into Territory of Rondônia, a tribute to Marshall Cândido Rondon, who early in the 20th century explored it and laid telegraph lines to the western borders of Brazil. In 1981, the Brazilian Congress elevated Rondônia to the status of Brazilian State.


The arms shows a sword per pale charged with a star for the State of Roraima, surrounded by the ground-plan of a fort. The garland consists of an U-shaped railway and branches of coffee and mango

Below is a scroll with the name of the state and the dates of its foundation and elevation to the status of a state


The railway symbolizes the Madeira Mamoré railway (1912)


Armed Forces





Arms of the Rondônia Military Police


Rondônia is a part of the 12th Military Region together with the states of Amazonas, Acre and Roraima.

Its headquarters are in Manaus (AM).






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