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In the middle ages Bangka and Belitung were a part of the empires of Srivijaya and Majapahit. Later it was a part of Palembang Sultanate. The islands were occupied by the British in 1812 and became a Dutch possession after the liquidation of Palembang Sultanate in 1823 and by the Anglo Dutch Treaty of 13 August 1824.

Under Dutch rule Bangka and Belitung became administrative divisions of the Netherlands Indies called Residentie Bangka en Onderhoorigheden and Assistent Residentie Billiton.


After Japanese military occupation in WWII, during which the territory was called Bangka Beliton Ginseibu a Dutch Territorial Command Bangka and Belitung was established. This was represented by the 7th KNIL Infantry Battalion. A coat of arms was granted to the battalion by disposal Clg 7492/BS/35 of 11 November 1946. It showed a sword upright charged with the Dutch Lion and he cypher VII in base.


On 10 December 1946 a provisonal Council of Bangka was established. On 23 January 1948 Bangka, Belitung an Riau were united into a the loose federation of Bangka, Belitung and Riau (FABERI) as a part of the Federation of Indonesia (RIS). On 22 April 1950 Bangka and Belitung became a part of South Sumatera Province.

Of the Federation no national emblems or flags are known.


The Province of the Bangka and Belitung Islands was provided for by decree No 27 of 2000 and was established on 21 November 2000.

The arms of the province show a disc charged with a map of the islands: the sea light blue, the islands green. The disc is surrounded by a garland and the legend PROPINSI KEPULAUAN BANGKA BELITUNG. Motto: SERUMPUN SEBALAI. (The Meeting Place of the Group).


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Today Bangka and Belitung are controlled by TNI Kodam II/Sriwijaya




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