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THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF MAURETANIA (RÉPUBLIQUE ISLAMIQUE DE MAU-reta­nie, Al Djumhuriay al Muslimijah al Mauritanijah) connects the Maghreb with West-Africa. French troops occupied the mauretanian desert between 1902 and 1910 and later it was ruled as a part of French West-Africa. In 1946 Mauretania became an overseas department (Département Outremer) and gained limited autonomy in 1957. On 18 November 1958 Mauretania became an islamic republic within the Communauté Française. Two years later, on 18 November 1960 independence was granted. 


Like many other francophone countries in Africa Mauretania uses a national seal. It was adopted by law No. 60, 140 of  3 August 1960. It consists of a green disc, charged with a yellow crescent-and-star and over all a date-tree and an ear of  millet (Panicum milliaceum) issuant from the base.

Around the disc is a bordure with a legend of the name of the republic in arab and french. On the reverse is the motto of the republic HONNEUR, FRATERNITÉ, JUSTICE  (Honor, Fraternity, Justice) within a garland of  palm leaves and a branch of olive. [1]


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