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History and Achievement


It was only in the middle of the 19th century that the Dutch gained a strong foothold in East Borneo. In 1898 the region became a part of the Zuider- and Oosterafdeeling van Borneo, together with Kotawaringin Sultanate and the remains of Banjar Sultanate.

In 1938 the Afdeeling became a part of Borneo Province which was occupied by Japan from 1942 until 1945.

With the help of the Territoriaal en Troepen Commando Zuid & Oost Borneo (Territorial and Army Command South and East Broneo) East Borneo was established on 12 April 1947 with M.D. Saad as the chairman of its Council and Aji Pangeran Sosronegoro as the chairman of its executive Comittee. On 17 August of the same year the Great Siak Territory was established consisting amongst others of Kutai, Tidung, Bulungan and Pasir. On 4 February 1948 the Territory was renamed Federation of East Borneo (Federasi Kalimantan Timur). This Federation became a part of Indonesia on 24 April 1950 and its three chairmen were deposed.


No emblems or flags of the Territory and the Federation are known.


The achievement of the Indonesian Province of Kalimantan Timur is:


Arms: A Dayak shield per pale Gules and Or

Crest: A five-pointed star Or

Supporters: An arrow and a mandau in saltire

Garland: 17 shells Argent and Or

Motto: RUHUI - RAHAYU (Perfect harmony is a blessing from God)

Title: KALIMANTAN TIMUR on a cartouche Or

Backshield: Vert






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